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Mailing Address

Seattle Glider Council / SGC Soaring Foundation
P.O. Box 7184
Bellevue, WA 98008-1184

Clubhouse Location

Ephrata Municipal Airport
30 Airport Street NE
Ephrata, WA 98823
509-754-3852 [not attended full-time]

SGC Board of Directors (2018)

Chairman Craig Funston 360-201-4193 
Assistant Chairman  Movses Babayan 425-443-7291
Directors  Noel Wade  425-749-0515

Kevin Finke 425-387-9865
  Kelvyn Flavall  425-985-2212 
  Michael Newgard  425-313-9754 
  Steve Northcraft  425-235-0231 

SGC Committee Assignments (2018)

 Treasurer Noel Wade 
 Secretary Jim McNeil 
 Chief Towpilot Ron Bellamy
 Towplane Manager Steve Northcraft 
 Safety Officer Ron Bellamy 
 Airspace Coordinator Dale Hacker 
 Contest Manager (Region 8) Noel Wade 
 Insurance Manager Kevin Finke 
 Soaring Expo Coordinator Movses Babayan 
 Trailer Lottery Noel Wade 
 Webmaster(s) Movses Babayan, Jim McNeil 
 Banqueteer Mike Newgard 
 Awards Craig Funston 
 CFIG / Safety Clinic Mike Delaney 
 Elections Movses Babayan 
 Ephrata Manager(s) Kelvyn Flavall, Nelson Funston 
 Dust-Up Kevin Finke, Movses Babayan 
 WA State Governor Kevin Finke
 WA State Records Kevin Finke
 Meeting Coordinator Craig Funston 


Director  Kevin Finke (exp 1/1/22)  425-387-9865
Director Mike Newgard (exp 1/1/20) 425-313-9754
Movses Babayan (exp 1/1/21) 425-443-7291
Treasurer Rita Edris 206-257-8200

Soaring Society of America Region 8 Officials

Region 8 Director Craig Funston
Idaho Governor Tom Dixon 208-376-6718
Oregon Governor Vanessa Aaron 503-239-5272
Montana Governor Greg Mecklenburg 406-580-5412
Washington Governor Kevin Finke

(C) 2017-2018 Seattle Glider Council / SGC Soaring Foundation

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