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  • 2024 Dust-Up XC & Racing Camp

2024 Dust-Up XC & Racing Camp

  • 25 May 2024
  • 9:00 AM
  • 27 May 2024
  • 5:00 PM
  • Ephrata SGCSF Training Facility


  • You do not expect to fly a personal or club glider, but would like to be included in the Dual flight schedule. We cannot promise that all who sign up will have a dual flight as the availability of the 2-place gliders is limited.
  • You are not planning on doing dual flights other than your own club gliders, and are not planning on bringing a private glider that will need to be towed.
  • You will be bringing a private, personal glider that will need to be towed.
  • You will be bringing a private glider with self-launch capability and you WILL NOT be using any tows. If you do plan to use tows, please select the private glider ticket.


The annual Ephrata Dust-Up event will be held on the Memorial Day Weekend, May 25-27, 2024. Come and enjoy the special soaring that Ephrata offers, along with the excellent facilities! 

This year we will again emphasize cross country training for the soaring pilot who wants to stretch their legs and move out of "just hanging" around the airport. It is suggested that you complete the SSA Bronze Badge at your local club before coming to this event if you have never flown XC before. There will be several online sessions along with suggested video, to get you introduced to XC topics.

For pilots that want to get an introduction to racing, we will have a daily meeting to discuss tasks and strategies. We will have a daily task and scoring based on the SSA handicapping index. There will be YouTube videos, and online meetings prior to the event to help you get a "Racing" start.

We have a number of dual cross-country flights available to aspiring XC pilots. Your club can help make more available - please let the event organizer know if your club is bringing a cross-country-capable two-place glider! 

Be sure to indicate on your registration if you want to fly dual XC.  We will try to accommodate everyone but there will be a limit to the number of dual flights, based on the available gliders and instructors. As we get closer to the event, we will setup a schedule of available gliders and mentors.  

If you are bringing a glider, either your own or a club-owned, you will need to have evidence of liability insurance coverage.

Any club that brings a glider for their members to use needs to indicate that it is for club members only.

We will have at least two tow planes at the event, but another towplane would be helpful! Please let the event coordinator know if your club can bring a towplane and we will arrange tracking and payment for tows.

The event cost is to help cover meals and amenities for the Tow Pilots.

Though it is not required, it is highly suggested that all gliders have a FLARM or OGN device.

Due to insurance requirement, all participants must be members of the SSA and the SGC. Online registration is available for both SGC membership and the dues/fees.

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