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Seattle Glider Council / SGC Soaring Foundation

P.O. Box 7184
Bellevue, WA 98008-1184
email to:

Ephrata Municipal Airport

30 Airport Street NE
Ephrata, WA 98823
509-754-3852 [not attended full-time]

SGC Board of Directors (2024)

Chairman Noel Wade

Assistant Chairman  Matthew Coleman
Directors Ron Bellamy

  Matthew Coleman

  Tom Dixon

  Christian Klix

  Dave Reusch

  Tory Tolton

Noel Wade

SGC APPOINTMENTS & Committee Assignments 2024

 Treasurer Randy Scott
 Secretary Jim McNeil 
 Chief Towpilot Ron Bellamy
 Towplane Manager Chris Klix
 Operations Schedule/Calendar Manager
Dave Reusch
 TOWLINE Newsletter Editors
Chris Klix, Dave Lindberg, Tom Dixon,
 TOWLINE Editors (cont.)
Dave Reusch, Eric Greenwell
 Airspace Coordinator >OPEN<
 Contest Manager
Noel Wade
 Insurance Coordinator
Dave Reusch
 Trailer Parking Lottery Coordinator
Tom Dixon
 Webmaster(s) Jim McNeil & Noel Wade
 Banqueteer >OPEN<
 Awards Committee Chair
Ron Bellamy
 Elections Chair
 Ephrata Facilities Manager(s) >OPEN<
 Dust-Up Event Coordinator

Tony Puglisi & Matt Coleman

 Methow Event Coordinator

Brad Pattison

 WA State Governor Kelvyn Flavall
 Towcard Data Entry Focal
Randy Scott


Soaring Society of America Region 8 Officials

Region 8 Director Craig Funston
Alaska Governor Peter Brown
Idaho Governor Tom Dixon
Oregon Governor Michael Bamberg
Montana Governor Greg Mecklenburg
Washington Governor Kelvyn Flavall

(C) 2017-2024 Seattle Glider Council / SGC Soaring Foundation

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