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Please note that the process of paying for various use fees, such as Ephrata Facility Use, Trailer Parking and RV Parking fees has changed. 

Please visit Use Fees to pay Facility, Glider Trailer and RV parking fees in a self-serve manner.

Membership fees subject to change via Board of Directors approval.
2023 Fees: Adopted via Board approval 01/17/23. Glider & trailer parking same as 2022. Volatile fuel prices may force additional changes later this year. Latest update: January 2023.


Regular Full Membership - $75
(Annual, Jan - Dec, includes 1 week of facility use)
Family Membership - $35
(Spouse/Partner, etc., annual, Jan - Dec, includes facility & voting privileges)
Youth Membership - $50
(25y.o. and under, annual, Jan - Dec, includes 1 week of facility use)
Lifetime Full Membership - $1500
(Single payment, includes 1 week of facility use per year)
Tows (Ephrata) - $50 for hookup and first 1500 feet
$1.70 per 100 feet above 1500 feet
* Ephrata mid-week surcharge - $15 per tow for non-scheduled operations if fewer than 3 tows on a day
Tows, other than Ephrata, on expeditions - TBD by the Board
Aero-retrieve or glider ferry - $190 / tach hour
Ephrata Facility Use Fee -
$100 - Seasonal (April - October, full use of all facilities)
$30 - Weekly (after the first week which is included in membership fee)
Ephrata (one)Glider + (one)Trailer Storage (includes ramp tiedown) -
$220 - Seasonal (April - October, reserved trailer spot)
$40 - Weekly
Ephrata RV Parking -
$550 (incl. tax) - Seasonal - reserved spot (April - October)
$120 (incl. tax) - Weekly (1 week of use 8 nights or less stay)
$60 (incl. tax) - Short Term (3 nights or less stay)
$10/Charge for use of RV parking electrical hookup for EV charging


  • All fees are in USD.
  • SGC and SSA Membership required for all tows behind SGC tow plane.
  • Billing is limited to tow fees. Seasonal, weekly and short term fees should be paid prior to arrival at Ephrata.

Overdue accounts will be assessed a late fee on an individual basis determined by the Board of Directors.

Your cooperation with these rules will be much appreciated.

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