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Membership fees subject to change via Board of Directors approval.
2018 Fees: same as 2017 via Board approval 4/18.
Latest update: April 2018


 Regular Membership (Annual, Jan - Dec) $35 
 Family Membership (14 y.o and older) $10 (each) 
 Tows (Ephrata)  
  - first 1500 feet   $42
  - per 100 feet above 1500 feet  $1.50
 * Ephrata mid-week surcharge for non-scheduled operations if fewer than 3 tows on a day, per tow  $15
 Tows, other than Ephrata, on expeditions TBD by the Board 
 Aero-retrieve or glider ferry  $150 / tach hour
 Ephrata Facility Use Fee  
  - Seasonal (April - October)  $75
  - Weekly  $12
 Ephrata Glider Trailer Storage (includes ramp tiedown)  
  - Seasonal (April - October)  $200
  - Weekly   $30
 Ephrata RV Parking  
  - Seasonal (April - October)  $500 (incl. tax)
  - Weekly  $80 (incl. tax)


  • All fees are in USD.
  • SGC and SSA Membership required for all tows behind SGC tow plane.
  • Billing is limited to tow fees. Seasonal fees should be paid prior to arrival at Ephrata.

Overdue accounts will be assessed a late fee on an individual basis determined by the Board of Directors.

Your cooperation with these rules will be much appreciated.

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